March 22, 2014

Born Pretty

I'm a huge fan of beautiful and delicated jewelry and accessories for not long, but one thing I can tell is that I've been wearing accessories ever since I was a petite fille. I love "things" that are so simple as you already know, "less is more" and simplicity are my thang and they're tattooed somewhere on my brain and it's a thought I love to follow. . .

March 18, 2014

t-Strap Nails

I've been so into minimalism lately, but this has only happened by sporting all white on my precious nails. . . I tried this t-strap thing "easy" diy, I drew a vertical line from bottom to top and then I connected it with a straight horizontal line on the top of my nail et voilá! I used a white nail varnish but surely you can use a nail art pen. And let me tell you this was not actually something easy to do with my right hand (I'm left handed yet I'm steady handy) but I really love how they look good on my nails and next time I book an appointment to get my nails done, I'll ask for some help to get this diy improved. :-)

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